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What Shine Can Do For:

parking garages

Space with a soul

Make your garage stand out by offering your customers hassle-free car cleaning while they're working or shopping. And because the cleaning requires less than a bottle of water, cars don't need to be moved, so you can just kick back and enjoy the show.

hotels & condos

Better than folded towels

Give your guests something extra to smile about and send them on their way home with a sparkling clean car. After all, it's the little things that keep people coming back again and again.


Better than casual Friday

Give your employees a perk they will actually be excited about. Sign up with Shine and your employees can just pick a day and a time and POOF! clean cars will magically appear.

valet companies

Get back more than your key

Rise above the competition by offering your valet customers the option of having their car washed or detailed while they're away. When they come back, the only thing bigger than the tip will be their smile.

why shine?

Professional Grade
All detailers are pre-screened, background-checked and undergo a rigorous training process prior to servicing your vehicle.
Clean and Green
All vehicles are cleaned with our eco-friendly, biodegradable solution and topped with our 30-day paint protective sealant.
Peace Of Mind
All cleanings are insured up to $2,000,000, so whether you've got a Prius or a Porsche, you'll have complete peace of mind.

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